More entrepreneurs especially startups, discover that having a home office is not a bad idea at all. As the internet makes communication simple and productive, many small business owners set up their office at home.

As inviting as this may sound, it might not be the suitable solution for every business niche. For businesses in the service industry where the client interaction is very minimal, this has more advantages than disadvantages, but this is not the case for product based business.

The home office is perfect for people who like security, peace, quietness and lots more. Having a home office gives you room to cut down on overhead cost which you will invariably be incurring, not renting office space and not travelling anywhere. For example, you don’t need to spend time on travelling to the office and back – thus, saving money twice. Having a home office means that there is not much of a dress code, no office politics and no fixed work schedule. The flexibility of hours is another major point you may decide to have a home office.

All these upsides of home office can be highlighted into key factors that if harnessed, would lead to higher productivity as a result of ability to work uninterrupted, reduced overheads which leads to more profit, lower stress, greater well-being and happier staff – where the setting is informal or semi formal, resulting in better motivation and automatically – satisfied customer service.

To be able to work from home requires motivation, so if you have difficulties attaining motivation, any small circumstances might stop you from working. e.g. Good weather. Moreover, lack of motivation and discipline might lead to difficulties in keeping a routine. The major disadvantage of having a home office is that you are isolated from the business world and from your potential customers. Business owners that operate from home face the challenge of being able to present themselves as legitimate and professional when engaging with prospects, clients or vendors.

Working from home can actually have negative effects on your creative thinking abilities also. When you are surrounded by people with different thought processes and vast experiences, it’s easier to be innovative and come up with brilliant ideas! Through teamwork and bouncing ideas off your team, you will without a doubt be more successful in coming up with creative solutions. When the most interaction you have during the day is a Google Hangout, you can say goodbye to the magical powers of teamwork!

The ability to be able to handle the few negatives of working from home could help in leveraging your business for more profits, but if you cannot handle the negatives successfully, thankfully, there is an option that combines the flexibility of working from home and the advantages of the face-to-face interactions you get in a traditional office: Co-working space!

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