Lighthouse HR Company

We are your preferred HR Development Company concerned with multiplying the effectiveness of your company’s most valuable resources – people/employees.

We are committed to developing and improving organizational performance as well as individual and employees personal, work skills and talent for continuous productivity in the workplace and throughout their work life cycle.

Since launching in 2010, LIGHTHOUSE HR COMPANY has grown from a small startup to an established organization with a diverse team of experienced management and business experts, an array of leading technology, and a client list that includes recognized leaders in pension’s management, bioscience, hospitality, finance, information technology and business.

We believe in a highly individualized approach that’s focused on identifying client’s unique HR needs and crafting customized development and training solutions designed to address those needs specifically. We leverage our time, talent, and resources to more efficiently and expertly perform key HR Development processes for our clients.


How We Are Different

The greatest asset of any organization is its human resources that ensure the achievement of the company’s goal and objective at minimal cost. We are designed to ensure employees perform optimally as well as companies produce positive outcomes – in and out of the workplace.  

Our practices, solutions and professionals transform the behavior and output in delivering value to Clients, Employees, Managers, Shareholders, and Investors.  With us you are credible, respected and influential.

Client Benefits

With our integrated use of technology, training, organizational development programs, your organizations effort to improve her effectiveness is guaranteed, an efficient organizational culture is built and man and material resources are properly utilized and goals a achieved in smarter ways. Leveraging our HR solutions, employees and individuals become human resource as they will be competent to perform organizational activities for higher productivity. Engaging our solutions creates an environment of trust and respect within an organization. You improve your all-round career growth as a professional and our client as well as living your dream of wok life balance.

With us, you access useful, objective and applicable data on employee programmes, strategies, systems, structures and policies which further facilitate better human resource engagements. With us, you focus on improving the knowledge, ability, skills, and other talents for better client relations and greater profitability for career and in the workplace. Acceptability toward change can be created and made easy with engaging our practices and solutions; better equipped with problem-solving capabilities.










Suite c6, Al-Barka plaza, (between UBA & GTB) Awolowo junction, Bodija, Ibadan, Nigeria.

Phone: +234(0)803 546 8723


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  • Key HR identification, Recruitment and on boarding
  • Employee Coaching, Mentoring and Personal development support
  • Career Training/Development
  • Organizational Training/Development and Management
  • Personnel Management Systems/Strategy
  • Performance Evaluation, Development and Management
  • HR Department Setup
  • HR Structuring & Transformation
  • Crafting HR Practices & Polices
  • HR Research & Analysis
  • HR Outsourcing
  • HR Consulting


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