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We Identify and solve problems associated with employee poor work performance.

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Corporate HR Services

Exclusive HR Employer Organization (e-HREO): This is a cost effective way of managing all your HR functions within your buiness operations. e-HREO provides you with the required HR function(s) that enables the management to focus on her core business objectives and not get bugged down with the issues associated with managing employees.
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Exclusive Recruitment Process Outsourcing Partner (e-RPOP): Are you wondering how to find the ideal candidate, and fast, without wasting time through a recruitment process and racking up huge expenses? This is where we come in as your full-cycle recruitment partner where we sustain exceptional candidate experience when sourcing for multiple roles, build consistent pipeline of top talents and efficiently manage full-cycle recruitment process to meet hiring needs.
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HR Consulting: Our HR advisory service when implemented optimizes your organizations HR processes transforms workplace environment, improve employee relations and encourage staff development.
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HR Analytics: We offer the knowledge, skill set, tools and abilities needed to collect and analyze qualitative and quantitative people data, interpret and promote findings that evaluate HR initiatives as well as inform business decisions and recommendations.
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HR Strategic Planning: We ensure your organization's overall business strategy and human resources are aligned to respond to customer needs and to maintain competitive advantage, creating value for all stakeholders.
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HRIS Management: We build and use existing, new and emerging people technologies to support HR functions to ease all business and human processes.
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Employee Engagement Programs (EEP): We redefine, build and sustain the level of enthusiasm and dedication every employee needs in order to perform at peak – knowing they are cared for and their effort makes a difference.
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Total Rewards Systems: Leverage data and insights to match your compensation systems and benefit packages to achieve specific business goal as well as to attract and retain employees.
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Payroll Management: We provide up to speed information on all the local requirements, legal compliance, payroll information required to operate and manage a seamless local/'in-house' payroll system for companies across all sectors.
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Organisational structuring & HR Department Set-up: We set-up, Structure/Re-structure organizations HR Functions and department to encompasses the people, processes, theories and activities involved in the delivery of HR-related services that create and drive effectiveness.
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HR Audit: We objectively examine your business's HR policies, practices, and procedures to identify trouble spots and proffer cost-effective solutions as requires.
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People Process Outsourcing (PPO): Transferring your human resources functions to us gives you the opportunity to partner with you in the responsibilities and risk associated with a company's HR structure.
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Exclusive Training and Development Program (e-TDP): We enhance the knowledge, skills set, abilities and competencies of professionals and employees in the workspace in order to meet the organization’s business needs as well as improve her entire outcome.
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Workplace Strategies

To set the stage for a happy and productive team, engage our blueprint to get the most out your work environment, aligns your organisation patterns and culture with business objectives to enable peak performance and reduce cost for the future of work.

  • Workplace Designs and solutions
  • Workforce management: We offer innovative initiatives that allow the organization to meet its talent needs and close critical gaps in competencies.
  • Community Management (Commit)
  • Retreats and Outreach programs
  • Team Bonding and relationships
  • Work-life balance
  • Workplace safety
  • Work-model optimisation

Performance Management

We partner with you to track and improve all round people/business performance leveraging data, insights and technology

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Talent is the number one asset of a business. Our goal is to ensure clients have the right person in the right job role at the right time



Our continuous process of improving performance by setting up and aligning individual/team goals to the strategic goals of the organization, planning performance, reviewing and assessing progress, and developing the knowledge, skills and abilities of people is applicable to all business types for profitability, productivity and sustainability.



Our suite of over 80 training courses will help you develop members of your team and meet compliance requirements tied to your vision, mission, goals, objectives, industry or geographic location and can be delivered online, remotely or in-person.



We offer this service for the purpose of running a local/in-house payroll system for the company. We provide up to speed information on all the local requirements, legal compliance,information management and much more.



We engage with companies to formulate, design and develop generalized guidelines which will serve as a reference point to solve day-to-day business problems within and for the organization.



This service aligns the skills, competencies, abilities and knowledge a company's human asset possesses with vision, goals and strategy to meet business, performance, work environment, and capability needs per time.



Do you need to optimize your company's key business process? With an indept understanding of HR analytics, we provide insight and solutions that may not be apparent to those within the organization.



This service offers background investigations, screenings and reference checks on behalf of companies - which is a principal means of securing information about potential employees from sources other than the applicants themselves.


elsie picture

Omolola Elsie O.

Principal Consultant, Ligthouse HR Company

"I get elated knowing we hired the right person for partnership, advancement and real value exchange"

Damilare Oluwale

CTO, Lighthouse HR Company

"Sourcing and recruiting top talent has never been easier with the integration of tech tools....We get to pick the best candidates on time - making data driven decisions in every process....What a time to be in HR! "
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Esther Akinwumi

GBM, Lighthouse HR Company

"The satisfaction from our client for a job well done on every investment made and the expression of joy for every staff under our management is motivation at its peak to keep us going the extra mile"

Ibideji Olawande

Business Development & Relationship Management, Lighthouse HR Company

"We have thrived over the years for developing and maintaining strong customer relationships with our client which is our core value "
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Taiwo Oluwaseyi T

Human Resources Business Associate, Lighthouse HR Company

"A rewarding employee - employer experience has multiplied the impact associated with being in human resources business partnerships with LHRC"
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