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In the beginning of every year I usually bring out my jutter and pen and make a list of all the things I want to achieve for that year, the list was always a lengthy one, but this year, I had only one goal, which way to publicize my brand through the assignment of improving the outcomes of business, business owners, the workplace and the economy as a whole. How that was my only goal I wondered because this was unlike me….but you never can say, the universe was watching and listening……

I am sure you have so many goals and some of us a few goals that we want to achieve in record time and within the period we have left of the year 2020……it is still possible!!!!!…

I have not come here tonight to motivate or demotivate you…..as an HR expert motivation is a key necessity in the workplace, it is only the way it is interpreted that many of us have come to dislike…for those of us who do not like motivational speakers…….

Tonight we will be looking at aligning your goals or realigning your goals for an improved outcome….regardless of what is ongoing at the moment….

What are goals?

A goal is an idea of the future or desired result that a person or a group of people envision, plan and commit to achieve.

Goals are specific, close-ended quantifiable objectives with a fixed time frame for achieving them. Goals are not wishes, desires or dreams although goals are born out of theses terms. Goals can be broken down into smaller and short terms objectives, which then become checkpoints for making sure that you are on the right track.

Goals represent the decisions we make and the commitments we take in order to reach attainment,

Why did you set those goals?

To concentrate your energy: By defining what needs to be done and setting reasonable time limits for it.
To give you direction: You decide the destination and the time frame and it automatically facilitates the decision regarding the route. Once the route is decided, you can check whether you are on the right track and on schedule.

What is alignment/re-alignment?

To Align is to arrange something or a concept or thought process in correct relative positions.

Goal alignment is adjusting your processes to fit your overall vision giving considerations to the current state of your environment, your audience as well as other internal or external factors as it relates to what you have in mind to achieve.

Of cause you know your goals have to be Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time bound. That cannot be over stressed.

How do I align my goals for purposeful achievements and improved outcome? This is the main question we have come to give answers to.

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Goals are attached to assignments. Tasks are assigned to goals.

In aligning your goals to improve your outcome, take your goals as assignments and tasks to be used as a future reference justified by the extreme value you offer. Take each part of your goals as smaller tasks to be completed eg like as assignment with submission dates. See your goals as an assignment to offer 100% value that people who harness your solutions or offerings can refer to your results in the future.

I used the word justified because in this context it means the structured strategies, methods, choices you engage with….. in the process of offering extreme value (going the extra mile). This is like giving room for your end users or listeners to project into the future or bring the future of your work to the present. As it is said, your current deliverables exposes or shows your end users, clients, customers, listeners what you have done or what you haven’t done; steps you have taken and those you didn’t take yesterday. So whatever value I am offering you now is the outcome of the degree and weight to which I have been able to engage certain experiences or information or knowledge in the past. Align your goals to serve as a valuable reference for future work today.

In tonight’s goal alignment campaign, make your goal a handle that will open doors for more assignment /tasks. This is attainable and by that you are creating systems around every task you are engaged with. Do not take your goals as a one off task, because it means you will come back to repeat them, rather create systems around your goals, so that you only revisit them for reviews and not to recreate them.

So even in your absence, your goal in the form of value is still bringing you results. Eg. A website that sells certain products continuously and makes money for the owner, without the immediate or repeated input of the owner on a regular basis.

Aligning your goals to become a system gives you precision and progress….smart work as they call it. Allow your goals to allow for more opportunities for progress and growth. Make your task scalable either horizontally (to reach and accommodates more people in diversified industries or multiple landscape not directly related to your industry for more and robust results for progress/expansion) or vertically ( to focus your energy in ensuring specified goals are achieved within the confines of the vision and not venturing into other competing or complementing alternatives for precision).

In engaging the horizontal approach to goal alignment, permission to access wider opportunities across boards for more “value add on” presents itself and is granted.

The horizontal approach to goal alignment is in offering a wider more diversified range of solutions interrelated to one another without these units competing against itself, but rather complimentary to a more solid outcome. Always make your offerings or solutions all encompassing; giving yourself room to stretch and achieve more.

Promotion is one of the proof of your end goal. Set the right target (task) for yourself vise a vise the resources available to you currently or the one you can access within your reach (at least start or launch from there). Promotion is not a onetime experience; It is a continuous opportunity for increased level to achieve further success.

Celebrate small steps towards your promotion. Align your goals to fit towards your mental, financial and physical or spiritual promotion. Also re-align your minds capacity to always be on the win-win pedestrial not on the lose-win, or lose-lose ….WIN-WIN ALWAYS

To align your goals for more, participate in the process that produces the result your vision requires. Do not be aloof of what’s going on in the line of duty…be deeply involved in the entire process of achieving your goals. Make it a point of duty to produce…produce….and keep produce….don’t just wait at the end for the outcome, plan, prioritize, prepare and participate in contributing to the entire goals/task/assignment for improved outcomes

In conclusion to avoid or stop every form of shadow boxing going forward, apply these principles…in your career, business and life.

Remember, it is in the application that you improve your outcome not only in hearing this things.

If there is no excuse for success, you should have non for taking that step today!

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