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TATI an acronym for Theses Are The workplace Issues, a weekly program in letters and podcasts that shares real workplace issues and proffers solutions to them by context for a healthy work-life.

The workplace is like a market where you meet different persons from different backgrounds coming in for many reasons. Some to sell, others to buy and some others to while away time. As every workplace has her peculiarity, so are her occupants - in this case, Humans! - Employees and Employers.

No workplace is the same! Yes!.. However, one thing remains unchanging - office issues!

On a daily basis, there is always one issue or the other to deliberate on and/or proffer solutions to in the workplace. As the HR, you cannot but be patient, have a listening ear and hear everyone out...including hearing yourself.

These Are The workplace Issues (TATI) is a weekly newsletter and podcast that focuses on sharing real workplace matters/issues (problems, challenges, pains, wins, successes etc) as well as proffer solutions to these challenges by context and celebrate the wins as they come. Our aim is to build, maintain and sustain a healthy work life for all our readers, subscribers and listeners.

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WELCOME TO TATI!.....for a healthy work life

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